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ACAO Webinar/Discussion
Tuesday, November 21, 2017, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT
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Following up on our recent joint webinar event with NADOHE which focused on managing and supporting freedom of expression on campus (view recording here), several questions raised bear further exploration.  Specifically:

  1. How does the CAO prepare before a crisis occurs? (student safety, protecting free expression, relationship building)
  2. What relationships should be built in advance?
  3. How does the CAO build a Leadership response plan and a communications plan?
  4. How does the CAO build an internal plan to manage expectations and the role of social media?
  5. How does the CAO ensure there are internal processes and procedures in place?
  6. Is there training in place?  If not how does the CAO create it?

Join your fellow CAO's for an informal discussion regarding these Freedom of Expression issues on campus and how Dr. Drew Gilpin Faust, President, Harvard University, addressed our common concerns in her compelling 2017 commencement remarks.  Please see her commencement speech here.  

Excerpt: “[Free speech] has provoked debate, dissent, confrontation, and even violence on campuses across the country,” Faust said. “We can see here at Harvard how our inattentiveness to the power and appeal of conservative voices left much of our community astonished, blindsided by the outcome of last fall’s election.”

Let's get together to talk about how we are working to address these issues on our own campus.  What are we doing and what still needs to be done? 

Contact Theresa - [email protected] for login information.