September/October 2017 - The summer has been a very busy time at ACAO as we prepare for the 2017-2018 year.  First, please allow me to welcome several new members who have come on board in the last few weeks.  This is an exciting time to be part of ACAO and I'm confident you will find a variety of ways to connect and engage with your colleagues across the country.  To that end, I want to take a moment to review some of what ACAO has been working on of late. We have a couple of webinars coming up that I think you will find of interest on October 5 and November 21.  Please see our calendar for details.  In addition to these webinars, we are continuing to develop an online library where you can quickly and easily access the resources being developed by the ACAO Digital Fellows as well as writings relevant to the CAO.  Finally, I have great news! Registration for the 2018 ACE Annual Meeting is now open!  As an ACAO member benefit, we are excited to share a discount code valued at 15% off the registration price to members.  Contact our office for this code. We hope you will join us in March for the complimentary ACAO breakfast followed immediately by the ACAO Business Meeting.  After the Business Meeting,  there will be a day of programming focused on issues critical to today's Chief Academic Officer.   ACAO has been working closely with ACE to ensure these programs address current issues relevant to you.


Have a great fall term!

B.J. Reed, President



  • To A Degree Podcast: Episode 11: For this episode of To A Degree, a panel of Chief Academic Officers gathers to discuss what it means to go digital; what higher ed is doing well, what higher ed must do better, how to engage and support faculty in the effort to bring digital resources into instruction, and the working relationship between the CAO and the CIO.
  • To A Degree Podcast: Episode 10: High Impact Higher Ed: New Research reveals that some institutions have more success than others in helping students from low-income backgrounds move up the socioeconomic ladder.  We talk with researchers about these important new findings and the presidents of two colleges cited as being high impact institutions.
  • Recording Now Available!

    A conversation with EDUCAUSE president John O’Brien about the opportunities “going digital” present to enhance student learning and engagement and to improve retention and degree completion.   

  • Resources for Current Topics: Issues surrounding freedom of expression on campus.  Links and Information on current topics important to CAO's in Higher Education.
  • Recording Now Available!   ACAO/NADOHE Joint Webinar Event "Chief Diversity Officers and Chief Academic Officers in Collaboration "


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