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ACAO Free Webinar Discussion - Responding to the Case Against Academia
Tuesday, April 24, 2018, 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM EDT
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April 24 @ noon (Eastern), Responding to the Case Against Academia

Hosted by: Margaret E. Winters, Gayle Davis, and Jerry Benson

Join a small group of peers in a moderated, robust discussion of the ongoing assault on the perception of purposes and values of a college degree. 

Higher education faces growing questions of relevance, cost and purpose.   Provosts often find themselves in a pivotal role in these conversations with multiple audiences - "the public," legislators, trustees, perspective students and parents, and their own faculty.  Public discussions and media coverage tend to oversimplify the purpose and benefits of a college education (particularly an undergraduate degree) as a “ticket” to a well-paying job.  The loudest voices decry the liberal arts as superfluous at best or liberal indoctrination at worst.  Such limited perspectives dismiss both the important role of preparing our graduates to lead productive and meaningful lives as contributing citizens in society and the value of liberal arts approaches in employment settings.

The following questions serve as a spring board for the conversation.  Participants will have the opportunity to share further perspectives on the current criticism of academia and actions they may be employing to constructively re-focus the conversation.

  1. What are we doing to understand the perspectives of our various audiences?
  2. What is the messaging in our own institutions and how consistent is it?
  3. What one action do you think you could take to influence this conversation and public perspective? What resources and supports do you need?