Strategic Plan 


The Association of Chief Academic Officers (ACAO) will be the leading professional organization for CAOs across all sectors of higher education, nationally and internationally, as colleges and universities strive to provide excellent educational experiences for a global community.

Provide a global forum for sharing best practices, discussing current academic issues in light of societal challenges, and promoting the educational and organizational interests of member institutions and their Chief Academic Officers.

ACAO will work to enhance the effectiveness of CAOs by providing networking and professional development opportunities and engaging members in conversations focused on issues that cut across the diversity of higher education institutions and missions. 

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1:  Provide Compelling Member Benefits and Support for ACAO Provosts 

  1. Develop an ACAO-sponsored Professional Development Program for aspiring CAOs
  2. Provide personal outreach to new CAOs
  3. Provide mentoring services for new CAOs or CAOs with specific needs/challenges
  4. In partnership with ACE, cultivate a platform for CAOs to engage in web-based conversations concerning issues and best practices in higher education
  5. Identify an active and supportive role for retired CAOs
  6. Develop an active listserv to support just-in-time feedback from a broad representation of member CAOs

Goal 2:   Provide Partnerships and Programs for ACAO Member Institutions

  1. Develop a connection to the ACE Fellows Program
  2. Provide topical pre- or post-conference workshops at annual ACE (or other) meetings
  3. Promote networking opportunities for institutions with similar missions
  4. Engage additional HE associations (e.g., CCAS, CIC, AASCU, CAEL, AAC&U) with ACAO

Goal 3:   Establish and Sustain a Robust Professional Organizational Infrastructure

  1. Expand an active social media presence for members
  2. Review and update an operations manual
  3. Maintain a Board that is broadly representative of higher education institutions
  4. Ensure full and active membership of Board and standing committees
  5. Review and update bylaws annually
  6. Engage in grant writing and other activities intended to generate resources for new initiatives
  7. Support marketing through communications and search engine optimization
  8. Cultivate international membership to expand the global reach of ACAO
  9. Engage all sectors of higher education in ACAO
  10. Conduct a membership drive annually


February 2019