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Time for Class: A National Survey of Faculty During COVID-19 Part 1", 
results of the Tyton Partners, Every Learner Everywhere & ACAO Survey.

Resources for Digital Fellows

New Orleans Convening

Campus Tech Trends

Campus IT leaders must be ready for the impending impact of artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented realities and IoT on the classroom this year and how it will forever change the way instructors teach and students learn — All that while balancing budget challenges and the increased demand for additional technology resources.

Find out how they plan to:

  • Support online instruction and the growing use of academic video
  • Address accessibility and cloud security concerns
  • Deal with faculty’s fear of trying when it comes to digital learning

In this webinar, Campus Computing Project Founder Casey Green and Sonic Foundry VP of Marketing and Communications Tammy Jackson explore the challenges that confront campus CIOs and IT officers and what their priorities should be in 2018 to foster the most innovation and success in the classroom. 



The Provost Panel from the 2017 EDUCAUSE conference. 





A conversation with EDUCAUSE president John O’Brien about the opportunities “going digital” present to enhance student learning and engagement and to improve retention and degree completion.

October 5, 2017

Video Recording           Presentation Slides



Click here for resources specific to issues surrounding freedom of expression on campus


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Convening #1 - Scottsdale, AZ

Convening #2 - Coming Soon

Additional Resources

To A Degree: A Higher Ed Podcast - To A Degree, the Postsecondary Success team’s higher education podcast, highlights the people, institutions, and organizations that are working to provide all students with a high-quality and affordable postsecondary experience, especially those at the greatest risk of being left out. Moderated by Casey GreenTo A Degree explores promising solutions and innovative policies to improve outcomes for every student.

To A Degree: A Higher Ed Podcast: Higher Impact Higher Ed - New research reveals that some institutions have more success than others in helping students from low-income backgrounds move up the socioeconomic ladder.  We talk with the researchers about these important new findings and the presidents of two colleges cited as being high impact institutions. Moderated by Casey GreenTo A Degree explores promising solutions and innovative policies to improve outcomes for every student.

  • John Friedman, Brown University
  • Shirley Reed, South Texas College
  • William Covino, CSU-Los Angeles
  • Kevin Carey, New America
  • Mark Schneider, American Institute for Research  
Additional To A Degree Podcasts:


(Disclosure: Both Acrobatiq and SmartSparrow have received grants from the Gates Foundation.)  



Atlantic Monthly

The Chronicle of Higher Education

The following resources are available to Digital Fellows only: