Dr. Michael Carr

North Park University
ACAO Board of Directors

Dr. Michael CarrDr. Michael Carr has always been associated with and his values align with institutions which provide transformative educational experiences for all students. Dr. Carr is currently the Provost at North Park University. Working with the President, Dr. Carr advances change leadership across the academic enterprise and provides direction and executive oversight that promotes academic excellence and positive student outcomes. He is currently leading and facilitating discussions toward the development of the institution’s next strategic plan. Prior to his appointment to North Park, Dr. Carr was the Deputy Provost at National Louis University. In his role, Dr. Carr led a team at National Louis University through significant institutional growth opportunities including working on the team on the acquisition of another university. Prior to his administrative work, Dr. Carr was a professor of biology and a member of Project Kaleidoscope, the Association of American Colleges and Universities’ center of STEM higher education reform. He was appointed to the Illinois Biotechnology (IBIO) Science Education advisory board to work with industry representatives to develop science curricula and programs. Dr. Carr’s consultation and advocacy work includes serving on boards of community based organizations and work with municipal and state entities. His broad professional contributions range from presenting science space design processes at the North Central Regional Society for College and University Planning (SCUP) conference to presenting research findings at the International Mouse Molecular Genetics conference.