ACAO President
Beth Ingram

Dear Colleague,

At this time and place, the role of CAO has never been more critical to the success of our institutions and higher education more generally. Given that there is only one of us on each of our campuses, I have come to realize how important it is to have a network of colleagues for advice, support, and advocacy. I have found that network in ACAO. And I am honored to serve as the President for this organization.

ACAO continues to provide opportunities to interact with other CAOs on timely topics, including leading change, organizational resilience, and health & wellness of CAOs. Through partnerships with other national organizations, we bring your voice to some of the most important issues facing higher education. Our listserv provides you with the opportunity to contact other CAOs for benchmarking, advice, and questions. And we have served as a network of support during the disruption caused by COVID-19.

I am eager to hear from you on additional ways that ACAO can provide support to you in your role. Please join or renew your membership, as our organization depends on membership dues as its principal revenue source and they enable us to offer programming, mentoring, and support for CAOs. We are a volunteer organization and we welcome your participation on committees or your ideas for additional programs. I look forward to meeting you at a future ACAO meeting or townhall.  

Beth Ingram
Executive Vice President and Provost
Northern Illinois University